Acoustic ceilings

Acoustic ceilings

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SUFMAR Acoustic (tray) ceilings

Tray ceiling systems embody the ideals of aesthetics and functionality.

A wide variety of materials is available – sizes, thicknesses and shapes which, combined with different paint colors, give limitless possibilities.

Acoustic ceilings are a solution created for facilities that are in need of exquisite sound qualities, such as lecture halls, auditoriums or recording studios. It is also a great choice for interiors that require access to installations hidden under the ceiling.

Cleaning and conservation is very simple, disassembly of certain parts is not problematic. Moreover, these systems are characterized by superior quality and durability. Resistance to fire, humidity, impacts and temperatures guarantee lasting looks of our ceilings.

Acoustic ceilings will find use in the most demanding interiors and tastes of their users.